‘The Braces Cookbook’ by Pamela Waterman

‘The Braces Cookbook’ by Pamela Waterman

Eating the same few braces-friendly meals, week after week, gets boring, really fast. 'The Braces Cookbook' by Pamela Waterman offers 50 great comfort food recipes perfect for braces-wearers and their families!

Are you having a hard time finding recipes that the braces-wearer in your family can eat and that everyone else will enjoy, too? If you are, then this book is the resource you need! The recipes in The Braces Cookbook are designed with families in mind, and many of them are straighforward enough that even small children can help make them.

The updated edition, available here, provides smart substitutions for classic favourites, as well as 5 new snack ideas. There are dedicated sections for packing great lunches, cooking tips, comfort care, entertaining orthodontic trivia, an updated web resources section, a glossary of orthodontic terms, and reminders about foods that are best avoided when wearing braces.

All told, 'The Braces Cookbook' by Pamela Waterman is the perfect solution for your cooking rut!

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