Meet Dr. Walinder Dhol

Dr. Walinder Dhol is a Registered Specialist in Orthodontics at myORTHODONTIST Vancouver.

Dr. Walinder Dhol

Dr. Dhol has been practicing orthodontics for over 16 years. He started his practice from the ground up and takes nothing for granted.

Over the years he has built his organization that now serves many communities throughout Calgary and Vancouver, and is happy to be lending a hand to others around him.

He is a devoted husband and father of four beautiful girls, with a desire to give back to the community.

Growing up in Calgary, he developed a passion for football, attending Bowness High School, and was the lead quarterback during his high school years. Upon completion of dental school, he took this passion for football, to Lac la Biche and coached a team of high school kids to victory.

Dr. Dhol believes in a holistic approach to orthodontics and assesses everything from airway and facial muscle function to teeth and jaw structure, and everything in between.

He is passionate about airway-focused orthodontics and believes that the airway is the gateway to one’s overall health. He loves the opportunity to work with children at any age, but recommends seeing an orthodontist as early as possible, in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Charitable Initiatives

Dr. Dhol is a proud supporter of Free the Children and is dedicated to global causes that inspire youth to take action. In 2014, he partnered with Free the Children to build a schoolroom in Kalthana, India and continues to work with this charity to help those in need. This initiative helps to give access to clean water, and to develop programs that support women and families.

He is continually collaborating and working with local community groups, in Calgary, to support children through sport and give them opportunities that might not otherwise exist. There are many platforms where Dr. Dhol is contributing to helping youth.

He supports youth sport through KidSport and his annual mouthguard program, and he is an ongoing advocate for the Alberta Children’s Hospital through various initiatives, including Ronald McDonald House and SEVA Charity. Dr. Dhol is also a keen supporter of Smiles Change Lives, and has donated over $600,000 of free orthodontic treatment for children in need.

These programs are special to him and he feels that the kids give back to him more than he could possibly imagine.

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