Translucent Cosmetic Braces

With 'translucent' cosmetic braces at Greater Vancouver Orthodontics, you get tooth-coloured brackets that are generally stain-resistant.

What are translucent cosmetic braces?

Translucent cosmetic braces are very similar to metal braces, but they use tooth-coloured brackets (and in some cases, tooth-colored wires) instead of metal to straighten teeth.

Generally non-staining, the tooth-coloured ceramic blends in with your teeth.

This makes them less noticeable than metal, though not as low-profile as inside braces or clear aligners.

These braces are made of composite materials that are weaker and more brittle than metal braces, and so and are slightly are larger than metal brackets.

Like regular braces, translucent ceramic brackets are not removable until treatment is finished, this means that they involve the same types of issues as living with metal braces.

Translucent Cosmetic Braces, Greater Vancouver Orthodontics

Other Treatment Considerations

Since they aren't as strong as metal braces, translucent cosmetic braces may require a longer treatment period. This is because your orthodontist may need to apply a slower, more gradual force to ensure that the strength of the ceramic brackets are not overtaxed.

This type of treatment may also be more expensive than traditional metal braces are. To save a bit on the cost, some patients choose to have ceramic braces placed only on their most visible teeth — usually the upper teeth or only the upper centre teeth — and use traditional metal brackets on the remaining ones.

Additionally, there is a risk of tooth abrasion if the incisal edges of the upper front teeth touch the lower ceramic brackets.

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