Coloured Braces

At Daher Orthostyle, you can choose from a range of coloured elastics to customize and personalize your braces.

You be living with your braces for a significant amount of time, so have a little fun by adding colour!

Braces are made up of several parts. These include the brackets, archway, metal bands (o-rings for back teeth) and rubber elastic bands that go around each bracket.

Of course, if you've chosen low profile or invisible treatment options, such as translucent cosmetic braces (and brackets), or Invisalign®, you won't be looking to add color to make your braces stand out.

However, if you’re getting traditional metal braces, your brackets and wires will be silver.

Coloured Braces, Vancouver Orthodontics

What Gives Braces Their Colors?

It’s the tiny elastics (or bands) that make it possible to colorize your mouth! These elastics get changed during your orthodontic adjustment appointments every 4 to 6 weeks, so you don’t have to settle for just one color throughout the whole duration treatment. If you like, you can switch colors each visit!

You may even be able to choose different colors of elastics for each tooth from a color wheel. The Happy Tooth provides an online color selector, which allows you to test out your look virtually first, and then print it out and bring it with you to your next appointment.

You’re likely going to wear your braces for 18 to 24 months. Why not express yourself with a colourful smile?

Choosing Braces Colours

Although there are no hard and fast rules for choosing colours for your elastics. Here are some tips: 

  • Gold, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink tend to look great with darker skin tones
  • Light blue, bronze, dark purple or cobalt blue, and subdued tones of red or pink might complement people with lighter skin tones
  • Darker colours can make your teeth look whiter
  • Lighter colours may make your teeth appear more yellow than they really are
  • Consider choosing colours that match or complement your eyes
  • Consider choosing colours that complement the colour of clothing you often wear

Colours To Avoid

  • Black elastics can sometimes mimic rotting teeth or food in your teeth
  • White elastics tend to stain more easily, and may make your teeth appear more yellow
  • Green or brown elastics may be mistaken for food in your teeth

No matter what colour you choose, just remember... You can change it up with every visit!

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