What to Expect During Your First Visit

The team at myORTHODONTIST Vancouver wants your first visit at our practice to be as comfortable, educational and stress free as possible.

What Happens at Your First Visit to myORTHODONTIST Vancouver?

During your first consultation with the myORTHODONTIST Vancouver team, you will meet with your orthodontist and our patient coordinator. You'll also have digital 'before' photographs taken. After we've completed a full review your dental and overall health history, the orthodontists will do a full examination, in order to accurately assess your orthodontic needs, and to determine the best course of treatment to undertake.

Next, we'll explain the orthodontic process to you, and present you with a video that outlines the various evaluation and record-taking steps we'll go through during the course of your treatment. 

We will carefully review with you your orthodontic treatment options, the duration of treatment, and the costs associated with each choice. And of course, we'll address any of the questions and concerns you have. During this initial consultation, we will discuss the responsibilities of all the parties involved in treatment. This includes our team, of course, but also the patient.

In cases where the patient is too young to be fully responsible for his or her role in the treatment process, we ask that at least one of the patient's parent is present for the initial consultation.

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What Exactly is Included in Your First Consultation?

  • Personal Orthodontic Consultation with our orthodontist(s)
  • Complete Review of Medical and Dental History
  • Facial Examination
  • Intraoral Examination
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Gum Disease Screening
  • Extra-Oral Pictures, if indicated
  • Upper and lower jaw size analysis in three planes of space
  • Jaw Joint Exam
  • Smile aesthetics analysis
  • Tooth eruption and sequence of eruption analysis
  • Bite Analysis Tooth crowding analysis
  • Question & answer period, to address your primary concerns
  • Review of treatment options
  • Discuss the different types of braces or appliances for your particular case
  • Estimation of approximate treatment duration
  • Presentation of fees, interest-free monthly payments, and insurance inquiries

Interested in Invisalign?

For those of you interested in Invisalign in Vancouver, our orthodontists will be glad to perform an assessment to determine whether you are a candidate. We regularly treat patients using Invisalign and can evaluate your smile to determine whether or not Invisalign is right for you.

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