The Importance of Visiting the Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

The Importance of Visiting the Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

Throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment, you'll be visiting your orthodontist on a regular basis for checkups and adjustments. But remember to keep visiting your dentist too!

Throughout your orthodontic treatment you'll be in your orthodontist’s office fairly frequently. This is true whether you have braces or Invisalign. The orthodontist needs to regularly check on your progress to make sure that your treatment is on track.

That said, it's also important to remember to continue visiting your regular dentist for cleanings and checkups! In fact, you may find that more visits than usual are helpful during your orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontist’s job is to straighten your teeth and give you a healthy, stable bite. The orthodontist can’t do that if your oral health is compromised due to gum disease or cavities.

Wearing braces, or Invisalign, can create more crevices on your teeth where food particles, plaque and debris can get stuck. Even people who are particularly diligent about brushing and flossing have an increased risk of developing cavities and gum disease during orthodontic treatment. That's why seeing your dentist regularly throughout your treatment is essential!

Your dentist will remove plaque or tartar buildup to prevent problems from occurring. If they do spot a problem developing they will be able to catch it early, keeping it from getting worse and help to keep your orthodontic treatment on track.

Your dentist will tell you if extra visits during your orthodontic treatment are recommended, or whether you can continue visiting every six months as usual.

If you need more information on caring for your oral health during orthodontic treatment, please contact our office to book a consultation with one of our Vancouver orthodontists.

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