Invisalign for Teens, Perfect for Busy Teen Schedules

Invisalign for Teens, Perfect for Busy Teen Schedules

Our Vancouver orthodontists often use Invisalign® for Teens to help correct the misalignment issues of our busy teen patients. Invisalign for teens is specially designed to straighten teeth and meet the unique treatment challenges teens face. 

Many teens have used standard Invisalign to straighten their teeth. However, with the standard adult aligners they ran into some unique challenges related simply to being a teenager.

Invisalign for teens has been specifically designed to correct the orthodontic issues of teenagers, and has a number of special features that make treatment easier to fit into teens' busy lifestyles.

Compliance Indicators

Teenaged patients tend to be less compliant with their Invisalign treatment, compared to adults. Our experience has taught us that teens are more likely to remove their aligners frequently, and for longer periods of time than adults. Invisalign for teens comes complete with compliance indicators to help address this issue.

These small blue dots on the backs of the aligners help teens track how long they have worn a particular set of aligners. The compliance indicators gradually fade away after two complete weeks of aligner wear. Now teens can easily tell when they have worn the aligners as prescribed and when it's time to change to the next set of aligners in the series.

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Especially for younger teens, Invisalign for teens has stageable eruption tabs. This unique feature provides just the right amount of space for new adult teeth to grow-in during the treatment period. 

Replacement Aligners

Because teenagers tend to lose or damage their aligners more often than adults, Invisalign for teens also comes with six sets of replacement aligners. Now, with Invisalign for teens, treatment can continue without missing a beat if a set of aligners is damaged or lost!

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