You'll Feel Special at Daher Orthostyle

The doctors and team at Daher Orthostyle love showing new patients what sets our practice apart when it comes to braces and Invisalign options for a brighter smile!

We always put our patients first, with quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly, welcoming office environment.

We recognize that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves in the courteous service we deliver to each person who walks through our doors.

Our main goal is ensuring our patients and their families receive genuine care and comfort.

To add to the enjoyment of orthodontic treatment, we offer fun contests and rewards for reaching different milestones.

We send a progress record of your treatment to your dentist directly, which provides ultimate care, communication and attention to every individual patient.

Our friendly, multi-lingual team of orthodontics specialists will make you feel right at home as you undergo treatment.

Our orthodontists are board certified orthodontic specialists, and our team of licensed registered dental assistants is trained and knowledgeable in the most current treatment methods.

We recognize that it can be hard to understand the technical side of your orthodontic treatment if English is not your first language.

We live in a multi-cultural community and can serve you in French, Punjabi, Mandarin, and Hindi, as well as English.

The Daher Orthostyle Difference


A convenient appointment schedule helps you manage your time.

Your time is valuable. That’s why we utilize Doctor Time Scheduling, an advanced scheduling system, to make sure we stay on time, and reduce any wait time. We provide online access to your information, appointments and our photo gallery, and provide appointment reminders via telephone, e-mail and text message.

Current, up-to-date technology means your orthodontic treatment will be as effective and efficient as possible.

Over the years, orthodontic technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Appliances are more comfortable, and treatment time is shorter over all.

At Daher Orthostyle, we are proud to use self-ligating braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign®. We also use digital X-rays, which reduce radiation exposure by 70 percent. A wireless sensor is placed in the mouth, and a computer generates an image in 30 seconds as opposed to the general 4-6 minute wait time for images taken on dental film. These X-rays can also be enhanced on the computer and enlarged. We perform all X-rays in our office.

For your protection and to ensure excellent results, we never use recycled braces. For your safety, we use a thorough sterilization system as recommended by the Canadian Dental Association.

We're certified in Invisalign technology, which mean you can get your teeth straightened without anyone being the wiser!

We are certified in Invisalign technology! Our orthodontists are certified to use Invisalign in our office! Invisalign straightens your teeth without the use of wires or brackets by using a series of clear, customized aligners. Check with our orthodontists to see if Invisalign is right for you!

A personalized treatment process means that from start to finish, your orthodontic treatment will meet all your unique needs.

Prior to beginning treatment, patients and parents visit the office for a consultation appointment. Your consultation will be conducted personally by Dr. Lam and will provide an opportunity for questions regarding the type and duration of treatment, as well as other important information.

Every patient's orthodontic treatment is based on an individualized treatment plan developed by our doctors.

We're active members of the Vancouver community.

Our team is actively involved in promoting community service. Because of our proximity with many schools around us, our team has a history of proven success in educating students about the importance of oral health.

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