What Your Orthodontist Needs to Know About Your Medical History

What Your Orthodontist Needs to Know About Your Medical History

On your first visit to Greater Vancouver Orthodontics, your orthodontist ask you to complete medical and dental history forms. You can find out about what we need to know, and why we need to know it, here!

Why does Greater Vancouver Orthodontics need to know about my medical history?

The medical and dental history forms you will fill out during your first appointment at our practice are part of the registration process. They'll include questions about your lifestyle (such as whether or not you smoke, or if you play impact sports) and also your personal and family medical history.

This information, in combination with what we learn about your oral health during your initial examination, will serve to guide us as we develop an appropriate and effective treatment plan for you.

What information should I include on the medical and dental history forms?

You should include everything you know about your present and past state of health, any medications you're taking, and any diseases or disorders you have, and your dental or orthodontic treatment background.

Often, the diseases that affect other parts of your body can also affect the health of your teeth, and can therefore have an impact on the course of your treatment plan.

As an example, Diabetes can increase the likelihood of periodontal disease, and so we’ll know to choose a teeth straightening system that makes it easier for you to keep your gums clean and healthy.

Information about medications you are taking can also be vital to your oral health. For instance, your medication may cause dry mouth, and this can increase your risk of cavities (since saliva functions in part to wash away lingering food particles and buildup). Of course, we also need to be sure that any medication we prescribe during the course of your treatment won’t conflict with something you are already taking.

For example, if jaw surgery is part of your treatment plan, then a medication you take may make it necessary for us to change the type of anesthesia used.


Whenever your health status changes, let us know so we can update our files. This includes keeping us in the loop if you change medications, are pregnant, start smoking or develop allergies.


We cannot and will not release your medical information without your consent, which we will rarely need to do. We may ask you to sign a consent form so that we can release your medical information to your insurance company for your health insurance benefits.

If you have any questions about our medical and dental history forms, please get in touch with Greater Vancouver Orthodontics. We’d be glad to help!

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