What Does an Orthodontic Assistant Do?

What Does an Orthodontic Assistant Do?

We all know that orthodontists straighten teeth, but what exactly does an orthodontic assistant do?

When you first visit Greater Vancouver Orthodontics, one of our friendly orthodontic assistant will be amoung the first people you’ll meet. Our orthodontic assistants meets with our patients, takes dental x-rays and photographs, and also takes impressions of the teeth. These are all important steps in preparing for treatment.

Orthodontic assistants also perform braces adjustments, and conduct preliminary examinations at your check up appointments.

Is an orthodontic assistant like a dental assistant?

In some ways yes, but in others, no. A dental assistant works primarily with the dentist, providing assistance during dental procedures, checkups and cleanings by passing instruments and making the process go smoothly. An orthodontic assistant does things like these too, but also tends to work more independently from the orthodontist.

They often work in their own offices, or in the lab creating molds from teeth impressions.

What else do orthodontic assistants do?

Orthodontic assistants do also assist the orthodontist, however! They often clean and polish the teeth to prepare them for the application of the braces, and after they’re applied, the assistant will attach the wires. The orthodontic assistant will give the patient careful instructions on how to brush and floss while wearing braces.

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